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TeamPatent™ is a secure patent workspace that allows applicants and examiners to shift focus from the mundane to the intellectually-satisfying aspects of their work, enhancing productivity and improving quality.  Integrating a semantically-aware word processor, structured elements are identified upon creation, continuously validated with intuitive color tags, and tracked through the examination process.  It runs in a web browser so there's no software to install and can be used on managed PC's.  It's collaborative, so stakeholders can simultaneously manage/review documents during teleconferences.
TeamPatent™ is in confidential beta; see ToS for more info.

It's Secure
Work safely from anywhere—No software to install, Encrypted communications, Nothing on your computer to be lost or stolen.
Write more defensible patents
Automatically identify defects and ambiguities including inconsistent/unsupported terminology and orphaned callouts.
More productive / Less drudgery
Visualize claim dependencies, Clients review drafts without disrupting attorney’s workflow, Integrated version control.
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