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About TeamPatent

Phone: 510-601-7625 (California)

Please let us know what you think by calling or writing to us at the contacts above or posting to our forum.  We endeavor to respond within one day.

TeamPatent™ LLC is led by Rocky Kahn, a Stanford alumnus and former HP Labs researcher with extensive experience in R&D and patenting.  The National Science Foundation is funding our work under grant #0750550

Two Aspects of Security:

  1. Availability: Will my data be accessible when I need it?
    Every time you make a change to your document, it's immediately saved to our server.  On a nightly basis, your changes are encrypted and redundantly stored in multiple physical locations.
  2. Privacy: Can someone access my data without authorization?
    Most patent professional communicate with their clients and draftpeople via unencrypted email so a large number of servers and mail providers have access to your data.   By comparison, all communications with TeamPatent™ are encrypted and only three highly-motivated individuals at TeamPatent™ have access to your data.

Our future is dependant on keeping your data secure.  In addition to TeamPatent's reputation, we're led by Rocky Kahn (formerly of HP Labs) and funded by the National Science Foundation so there are additional reputations on-the-line.  See our Terms of Service for the full scoop on data security and our privacy policy.  If you require contractual guarantees during the beta period, contact us for third-party insurance coverage against data loss or unauthorized disclosure.

Business Opportunities:

  1. If you're a patent content provider such as Lexis, Thomson, etc., we can provide your content to your customers in the context of patent preparation (as PatentOptimizer provides convenient access to Lexis case law).
  2. TeamPatent™ may be extended to support other document subject domains (e.g. medical records, software wireframing, construction documents, etc). If you wish to extend it or have it extended for you, please contact us.