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Known issues:
  1. Figure/Sheet Correspondence
    Currently, sheet 1 is imported as Fig. 1, sheet 2 as Fig. 2, etc.  You can renumber the sheets after import.  In some cases, sheets contain multiple figures so the figure numbering becomes inconsistent--we'll address this later.
  2. Speed
    Importing is very slow since we're scraping from the USPTO. We understand that users expect low latency--on the order of seconds--and in future can provide this by partnering with a patent content provider (e.g. FPO, Google Patents, etc).
  3. Figure/Part Subspecies
    We don't currently support figure or part subspecies (e.g. "Fig. 3A", "roller 22b").  We'll support this later.
  4. Webkit unsupported
    Currently IE6-8 and FF3+ are supported.  To support Webkit-based browsers (e.g. Safari & Chrome), at least one bug in Webkit's rich text handling needs to be fixed.  We've committed patches for a few (less serious) problems we found in Firefox  but haven't yet gotten around to Webkit.
  5. Patents with titles longer than 200 characters
    The USPTO limits titles to 500 characters.  If you import a patent with a title longer than 200 characters, you'll receive an error.  We'll fix this soon.
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