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TeamPatent, a National Science Foundation startup, has been tapped by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) to provide core technology in a landmark redesign of its entire examination system.  The system provides dynamic semantic processing atop a browser-based, collaborative, multimedia editor.  It's designed for authoring and reviewing highly technical, highly cross-referenced, highly annotated documents.  The resultant document provides enhanced impact on recipients because interrelationships between components, even those spanning text and drawings, may be easily explored.
Longer-term, these editing and browsing technologies can become the basis for a constellation of domain-specific document editors that could be an important part of the future of Office 2.0.
Front-end Developer Intrigued by dynamic semantic processing and love what you can do with JavaScript?  Help us extend our responsive, semantically-aware client-side editor alongside a fellow who maintains two of the most complex widgets in the Dojo open-source universe.
Back-end Developer Working with a open-source stack (Python, PostgreSQL, Redis, and many more) help develop efficient collaborative editing technologies that deliver innovative reviewing and privacy capabilities while supporting scalable, real-time entity resolutions.