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Stay in the Loop
Review and markup applications without disrupting attorney's workflow, avoiding expensive miscommunications while minimizing distractions.

The best patents that I have seen are drafted with substantial participation from both inventors and patent law professionals.   -Dennis Crouch, Patently-O

Control Costs
TeamPatent™ makes it easier for inventors to prepare more of the description and drawings themselves so their patent professional can concentrate on the claims.  In addition to controlling costs, this facilitates the inclusion of late-breaking research discoveries, increasing the application's scope and relevance.

Text And Drawings In One Place
Figures are attached to the specification and share a single revision history.  Since TeamPatent™ is a browser-based application, text and drawings can be manipulated by attorneys, draftspeople, and inventors without installing any software.

Easier Collaboration
Patent applications are increasingly a collaborative process, with the number of named inventors creeping from 1.6 in 1970 to 2.5 in 2000. According to this research, the rising average is driven by a "dramatic increase in the proportion of 'highly collaborative' inventions with three or more listed inventors."  TeamPatent™ allows inventors to collaborate effectively.

Inventors describe their experiences:

I needed a quick way to get something out there. I don't know if I could have gotten the patent pending done [without it]. TeamPatent™ helped me tremendously to cut down time and focus. It's a very innovative tool.

-Roman Montagueo, Trebuchet Tech

Who am I?
I'm founder of a small group of companies based in the Netherlands.  I am also an inventor and have several patent applications, both pending and granted. Previously I have successfully sold my rights to the Cable Roller, a handy reel for storing access cable, with now nearly 8 Million units sold. I have previously written applications in cooperation with an attorney so I learned some tricks of the trade. I write my own US applications now because I have multiple patents pending and want to save on further patent costs.

What was my previous workflow?
I used an outliner to draft the specification/claims then pasted them into MSWord.  I fax (hand sketches/email CAD drawings/etc) to an illustration company which returns a multi-page PDF containing figures.

What motivated me to try TeamPatent?
I had a week to file a US patent from start-to-finish so needed tools to make me more efficient.  I'm more used to European-styled patenting which is less aligned with figures so I was particularly looking for a tool to help me with this.  After a long search for patent software I found TeamPatent.

How was my workflow different with TeamPatent?
I first wrote the specification/claims in an outliner and pasted it into TeamPatent™ using their application skeleton as a guide.  At this point, I hadn't assigned any numbers to the parts.  I followed instructions in TeamPatent's video tutorials to "link" parts in the text and then automatically assign numbers to parts in the Detailed Description section.  Without TeamPatent, it would have taken me up 12 hours to number the terms, make sure all the callouts were supported, make sure terms were used consistently, etc.  Especially getting it right can be a pain. With TeamPatent, this took only 2- 3 hours.

I used Ulead photo software to extract each figure from the multi-page PDF I received from the illustrator.  I copied and pasted into a new Ulead drawing and saved as JPEG.  I uploaded these into TeamPatent™ as individual figures. I repeated that with JPGs without numbering.  It took then me about 10 minutes to get my nine figures into the system.  I told TeamPatent™ if it would be great if I could upload a multipage PDF and they say it's on their roadmap

How much time did I save?
On this first application, I was able to save about a day by using TeamPatent™ compared to writing it using MSWord and a drawing program.  Now that I basically know how to use TeamPatent, next time I write an application I think I'll save more.

How good is TeamPatent's technical support?
I had trouble uploading figures so sent an email to their support line.  I got a response back in eight minutes telling me how to fix the problem.  Another time I couldn't delete callouts.  Their technical support quickly showed me a workaround (which was due to a bug in their software) and fixed the bug within three hours.  All I had to do was press reload in the browser tab to upgrade the software. Although not all functions in the interface were self-evident, the support made the difference.

-Rik Wagter, Opalio

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