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Patent Preparation Features
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More Defensible Claims, Fewer Errors
TeamPatent™ automates the mundane aspects of patent preparation, freeing patent professionals and their clients to focus on higher-value, intellectually-satisfying aspects of patentingenhancing productivity and improving quality.  TeamPatent™ ensures terms are used consistently, reference numerals appear in figures, claim terms are adequately supported, and the claim tree is well-formed.  Eliminate the drudgery of manual validation.  Eventually it will be malpractice to NOT use a tool like TeamPatent.

Prepare Applications in Less Time
Browser-based and collaborative, there's no software to install, so professionals and clients can simultaneously manage/review documents during teleconferences anytime anywhere.   Effortlessly cite part references, place callouts, and understand claim dependencies. Clients can review and markup drafts without disrupting your workflow.  

Text And Drawings In One Place
Figures are attached to the specification and share a single revision history.  All parties can place/modify callouts and effortlessly export applications to MSWord or PDF, complying with all formal requirements.

Questions Frequently Asked by Attorneys (FAQ):

How should I evaluate whether TeamPatent™ is useful to me?
Should I use TeamPatent™ for writing applications from scratch or to validate existing applications?
Patent professionals typically begin evaluating our software by importing a published patent to understand the basic capabilities (import by entering a patent number in the dashboard or use the IE/FF bookmark on our homepage).  Professionals then typically import or paste in an application they're working on from MSWord and use TeamPatent™ to find errors.  Later, professionals begin authoring their applications entirely within TeamPatent.

Should I seek permission from my client to use TeamPatent?
Standard of care allows patent professionals to share client matter with draftspeople (employed as outside contractors) without the need for client approval.  TeamPatent™ is an automated drafting service, allowing a similar approach.  As you develop confidence working with TeamPatent, you'll likely want to share TeamPatent™ documents with clients.

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