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Comprehend patent documents more easily
Quickly and comprehensively assess scope of claims for a given patent document.  Your client is considering an acquisition or needs a Freedom-to-Operate opinion and you're supposed to read 50 or 100 patent documents, each long and dense.  No need to print them out to read more easily.  TeamPatent™ allows you to more easily read patent documents on-line, visualize the claim tree, relate callouts to part references (and vice versa), and identify claim terms and help you understand how they're used in the documents. 

Identify Errors and Omissions
Automatically identify errors and omissions.  Only two clicks to acknowledge false positives (e.g. ignore mistaken claim terms, override inconsistent usage warnings).  The remaining errors indicate weaknesses in the document

Web-Based Collaborative System
Your comments and annotations are shared in real-time with other stakeholders.  There's no need to install software, allowing use on managed PC's.

Import Patents from Anywhere
Import patent applications and grants from anywhere by bookmarking the following link <TPAnalyze> (in FF, drag onto your bookmark toolbar; in IE, right-mouse-button & save to favorites).  Then browse to patent documents on the USPTO, GooglePatents, or FreePatentsOnline, and click bookmark to import text and drawings automatically (known issues).

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