The Easiest Way to Prepare or Examine a Patent Application

Rocky Kahn, Founder and CTO

While working at Hewlett-Packard Labs from 1994 to 2000 in Palo Alto and Bristol, England, Mr. Kahn invented and implemented key components (illumination/optical capture, stitching/compression algorithm, and ASIC design) for a $40M development effort on a handheld solid-state scanner.  The key component was an surface texture-navigating digital microscope, which was later licensed to Logitech, Microsoft, and others, who used it to build optical mice which operate on any surface (previously, optical mice required gridded mirror mouse pads).  During this time, Mr. Kahn filed twelve patents in the fields of document scanning, automatic photography, stroboscopy circuits, and data compression.

Mr. Kahn left HP Labs to start Tactility Inc., a research company specializing in tactile human-machine interaction technologies.  Between 2000 and 2003, Mr. Kahn personally marketed prototypes he developed to senior divisional management at Panasonic and Omron in Japan and filed seven patents in the fields of hydrotherapy and automated massage.

Between 2003 and 2004, Mr. Kahn served as Director of Engineering and managed engineering resources for Vapore, a twenty-person high-tech startup.  He was the architect of a laboratory system to characterize Vapore's module in customer applications, requiring approximately two hundred parts, optical sensing, high-power electronics, precision positioning, microliter fluid metering, and LabView integration.  He directed in-house manufacture and testing of system and traveled with marketing team to Korea and Japan to support customers developing applications based on the module.

Mr. Kahn began work on patent preparation software in 2005 and formed TeamPatentâ„¢ as a California LLC in March 2006.  In January, 2009, TeamPatent began providing a patent preparation web service to attorneys and their clients.  The core of the editing software, codenamed Swymr, turned out to be attractive to other industries which needed a browser-based, collaborative, multimedia editor to streamline authoring and review of technical documents.  In 2010, Swymr will be showcased as part of a publishing service and extended to electronic medical records later in in the year.  For inquiries, please contact [rocky at]

Mr. Kahn received both a M.S. in Mechanical Engineering/Mechatronics and a B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University in 1993 and currently resides in Alameda, CA.


  1. TeamPatent
    2008 US Application 20090210828

  2. Shutter-Type Crimper
    2006 US Application 11/420494  (pending)
    2007 WO/2007/139922 (pending)

  3. Marketing Profiler
    2006 US Application (pending)

  4. Electrical Elongation-Sensing Rope
    2005 US Application 11/074292 (pending)
    invention characterized & prepared for Squid Labs

  5. Rotary Durometer
    Rotating firmness sensor to locate anatomy in automatic massage chair applications.
    2004 US
    Patent 7,303,534

  6. Apparatus and Method for Applying Friction Massage Stroke
    Partial braking of rotary manipulator applies independently-controllable shear force
    2005 US Patent 6,911,012

  7. Hydrotherapy System with Translating Jets
    Mechanisms to generate kneading, rather than reciprocating, motion of water jets.
    2004 US Patent 6,770,043 B1

  8. Manipulation device w Dynamic Intensity Control  Force of solid manipulators in water tank controlled by modulating user’s buoyancy.
    2004 US Patent 6,752,772 B2

  9. Manipulation device w Buoyancy Breath Monitor
    Weight sensor determines breath phase of user in water tank allowing synchronous therapy.
    2003 US Patent 6,669,649

  10. Streaming Kneading
    2002 US Application 10/142,144 (abandoned)

  11. Hydrotherapy system with pervous body support
    2000 US Application 09/558,898 (abandoned)

  12. Identification tags to control a camera output
    Wearable beacons direct camera to follow and deliver images to user.
    2002 US Application 10/107808 (abandoned)
    2002 GB Application 2375682 (pending)

  13. Bispectral camera with target-locating ability
    Overlapping visible and infrared allow camera to locate beacons in image field.
    2002 GB Application 2375913 (pending)

  14. Camera with visible and infra-red imaging
    Beam-splitter or layered image sensor for registering infrared and visible images.
    2002 US Application 10/107803 (abandoned)
    2002 GB Application 2373943 (abandoned)

  15. Wearable transmitting/receiving device
    Two-piece broach wearable beacon allows arbitrary positioning on user.
    2002 US Application 78742 (pending)
    2002 GB Application 2374482 (pending)

  16. Camera records images only when a tag is present
    2001 US 10/078742 (pending)

  17. Wearable transmitting & receiving camera device / Automatic Image Capture
    2001 US Application 10/107808 (abandoned)
    2001 GB Application 2373944 (abandoned)

  18. Prioritized compression of data in a portable information recording device
    Progressive compression frees up space in digital camera as additional pictures captured.  Cited in several subsequent patents from other companies which claimed refinements of this technique.
    2001 US Application 09/788669 (abandoned)
    2001 GB Application 2365180 (abandoned)

  19. Current Controlled Power Circuit
    Efficient, dimmable, high-frequency stroboscope charge circuit.
    2000 GB Application 99304657.2 (abandoned)

  20. Strobe Flash for Image Capture
    Stroboscopic document camera allows flash illumination in office setting without distraction.
    2000 US Patent 6856356
    1999 European Patent 1061407

  21. Camera with projection viewfinder
    Document camera capture boundaries projected through imaging optics.
    1999 European Patent 1022608

  22. Image Processing Method and Device
    Memory-management scheme for image data collected along free-form path.
    1998 US Patent 6,259,826, EP884890
    Also filed in Japan, and China

  23. Image Scanning Device and Method
    Rectification algorithm for linear image data collected in swiping motion.
    1998 US Patent 6,249,360, EP873003
    Also filed in Japan, and China